What Is MedCentral?

MedCentral manages the verification portion of the hospital credentialing process for Greater Louisville hospitals and ambulatory care centers. Click above to find out more.

Participating Facilities

A comprehensive list of facilities currently using MedCentral Services.

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You can now pay your MedCentral application processing fee online with most major credit cards.

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What Is MedCentral?

MedCentral was established by the Greater Louisville Medical Society in 1991 to centralize the primary source verification portion of the hospital credentialing process for Greater Louisville area hospitals and ambulatory care centers, eliminating duplicative credentialing for members of the Greater Louisville Medical Society. And other local physicians, nurse practitioners and other care providers who require hospital credentialing. We are the first part of the hospital credentialing process, but do not actually issue hospital privileges. The information we collect is turned over to each requested facility to make their own determination about issuing privileges. Now serving 28 facilities, MedCentral processes over 3,000 files each year. In 2018, MedCentral began processing files with an online application system, fully digitizing the verifications process to eliminate as much paper waste as possible and to make the process more efficient. Applications are emailed, rather than mailed, to the applicant and can be worked on concurrently by the applicant and their credentialing assistant and can be submitted to MedCentral without the burden of shuffling paper back and forth. Peer reference requests are also sent digitally when possible to ease the administrative burden of an applicant’s peers as well. What do you verify? MedCentral provides primary source verification of the following: 
    • Education
    • Previous employment
    • Previous medical staff appointments
    • Licenses
    • Board certifications
    • AMA and NPDB reports
    • DEA certificate and controlled substance registrations
    • Teaching appointments
    • Competency in training programs
    • Peer reference evaluations
The application process also collects many of the documents that will be needed in the privileging process, so that the applicant can give them to one source to be disseminated to multiple hospitals.  Why is this process important? Through primary source verification, the community is protected from “fake doctors” or other care providers  who include/report false or misleading information on their resume, or purport to hold licenses or education that they did not actually attain. The credentials process verifies that a physician, APRN or other care provider legitimately possesses the qualifications they claim. It is the first line of defense in protecting patient safety.

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Participating Facilities

Clark Memorial Hospital
Dental SurgiCenter
Dupont Surgery Center
Family Health Centers Indiana
Hardin Memorial Hospital
Jewish Hospital – UofL Health
Kentuckiana Pain Specialists
Kindred Healthcare
Kleinert, Kutz & Associates
Louisville Surgery Center

Mountain Comprehensive Health Corp.
North Clark Community Hospital
Physician’s Medical Center
Scott Memorial Hospital
Shelbyville Hospital – UofL Health
Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital
The Brook Hospital
University of Louisville Hospital – UofL Health
Vision Surgical Center
Wellstone Regional Hospital

How To Apply

To apply for hospital privileges at one of our participating facilities, first please pay your application fee online by clicking here then please call (502) 589-2277 or email with the following information:

Applicant’s full name, license type (MD, APRN, etc.) and specialty
Applicant’s date of birth
Applicant’s preferred email address (this is the address the application link will be sent to)
Facilities applying to

A unique link will be emailed from to the applicant to access their application. If you are new to our AppCentral software, select Sign Up to create a user name and password and log in. If you have used our application software since October 2017 for a different application, you can use the same log-in information. You must access your application from the unique link that is emailed to you. If you need the link re-sent, or have any questions about navigating the application, please call us at (502) 589-2277 or email

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed and either accepted as a complete submission or returned to the applicant for clarification or missing documents. Once accepted, the application will begin processing. We cannot adequately process applications that are missing information or documentation.

Your file will be reviewed by a credentialing specialist and letters of verification will be sent to your places of education, peer references, previous medical staffs and employers, and verification of your licenses, DEAs, Board certifications will be completed. A “preapp” is sent to the hospital with your basic application information – this gets you in their system but does NOT automatically guarantee or result in privileges. The medical staff office will be asked to approve that we complete processing of your application or will notify us if you don’t meet their bylaws requirements and must withdraw or adjust your privilege request. Once all required documentation has been received, the complete file can be compiled and sent to your chosen facilities. At that time each facility has their own process and time frame before permanent privileges are issued. Please allow plenty of time for both MedCentral and your chosen facilities to process your application.

Pay your MedCentral Application Fee


Requesting new hospital privileges (Initial Applications)

MDs, DOs, DPMs, DCs, DMDs and PhDs:

    • For established GLMS members – $80
    • For non-GLMS members – $400
    • For Locum Tenens or Telemedicine Physicians – $450

Allied Health Professionals (APRNs, CRNAs, PAs, RNs, Researchers, etc.):

    • AHP whose sponsoring physician is an established GLMS members – $350
    • AHP whose sponsoring physician is not a GLMS member or who does not need a sponsor – $400
    • For AHP working locum tenens – $450

Renewing hospital privileges (Reappointment Applications)

    • For established GLMS members – NO CHARGE
    • For non-GLMS member physicians and all other applicants – $150
How To Pay Pay online If you are paying on behalf of an applicant with a card not in their name, put the applicant’s name in the COMPANY NAME field in the shipping address. You may pay for multiple applicants at a time.
Mail a Check If you prefer to mail a check, please send to:
MedCentral Credentialing 4949 Brownsboro Rd  PMB 289 Louisville, KY  40222-6424 Please include somewhere on the check whose application the payment is for. Your completed file cannot be released to the hospital(s) until payment is received, so please take this into consideration when choosing a payment method if your application is time sensitive.

Questions about your fee?

Contact us at or (502) 589-2277.

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