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Provider Enrollment is the process by which a health insurance company evaluates a health care provider’s qualifications (credentialing) for joining their network and is a necessary step in becoming a participating provider with the plan and getting reimbursed to treat its members/your patients. 

Partnering with the experienced staff of GLMS Provider Enrollment for insurance credentialing can save you valuable time by handling the entire process from beginning to end. All services can be tailored to fit your specific needs, whether you are adding a brand-new provider to your practice or just starting out in practice and looking to contract with insurance companies for the first time. GLMS has fostered trusted relationships with the insurance companies for over 20 years and will not only get you contracted and credentialed with them but will also remain by your side to ensure that claims are being paid correctly moving forward. In addition to a wide array of customizable services, we also offer a full-service Annual Maintenance Plan to handle ongoing updates and insurance company requests and work with providers of all types and specialties.

Time frame: The amount of time required to get a brand-new provider added will vary by insurer, ranging from 90-180 days and most will not approve retroactive effective dates. For this reason, we recommend getting started as early as possible. Adding a provider that has previously been credentialed with the insurers is a faster process, typically taking 30-90 days.

Discounted rates available to physician members of GLMS and/or KMA.

Words from former and current GLMS Provider Enrollment Clients:
“GLMS Provider Enrollment really helped me manage the onboarding/credentialing process for my large group practice. They made it simple and easy to track who was onboarded & was a great liaison between our group and the insurance companies. I was very grateful for GLMS when I was in charge of credentialing.“ 

“Last year we hired a new physician to join our practice. As we all know hiring a new physician creates a lot of paperwork and behind the scenes work in the office and outside of the office. We are a very small office and even though I am the practice manager I fill in whenever we are short staffed or busy. That does not leave me much time in my office. I was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t even know where to start with credentialing and how to keep myself organized while balancing everything. I reached out to Stephanie Woods at GLMS and she informed me that for a small fee they would handle all of the initial credentialing and even the renewals/updates as they occur. It was such a quick, easy and no stress process! Communication is always quick and easy with GLMS and they make the process so simple. I highly recommend their credentialing services!”

“GLMS has been handling our provider enrollment for many years. They do an excellent job of saving us time, money and stress. We would highly recommend them.

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