Session 1
January 5, 2022

Session 2
February 2, 2022

Session 3
March 2, 2022

Session 4
April 6, 2022

Shawn Jones, MD
Physician Burnout Expert


Title of Presentation: Toward Professional Fulfillment: A New Paradigm in the Prevention of Physician Burnout.

Burn-out vs. Fulfillment – How to mitigate burn out in your own life and practice. Key point: The goal should not be to just prevent burn out, but to be professionally  fulfilled. 

BIO: Dr. Shawn Jones is a practicing Otolaryngologist who is passionate about physician wellness and professional fulfillment having suffered from physician burnout himself. Dr Jones wrote of his personal journey with burnout in his book, Finding Heart in Art: A Surgeon’s Renaissance Approach to Healing Modern Medical Burnout. He is currently the Medical Director of Provider Wellness for Baptist Health in Kentucky and also serves as the President of the Kentucky Foundation for Medical Care. He is a Past President of the Kentucky Medical Association. He has served on multiple medical mission trips to Romania, Honduras and Kenya. He is fluent in Spanish. Dr. Jones is an avid reader enjoying biographies, history, as well as books on spirituality.

Thomas Husted, MD
Co-Founding Partner of The Reverent Group


Title of Presentation: Leadership Development as an Envoy for Wellbeing

Well-being Leadership Development – Training physicians to be leaders so that they can influence the environment around them

BIO: Tom currently serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of The Referent Group which focuses on physician leadership development. Tom graduated from West Point in the top 3% of his class and subsequently from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. As a retired Army Colonel, highlights from his distinguished 24-year career include being awarded Flight Surgeon of the Year for his service in combat, Outstanding Faculty of the Year for his medical teaching, and board selection as Department Chair for a family medicine residency department. As a result of his appointment by the Army Surgeon General to be the “face of military medicine” to recruit and share the Army Medicine story, Tom recognized a need and developed a passion for teaching physicians across the country to be effective, engaged leaders. In his final appointment in the military, Tom was the commander/CEO of a NATO military medical facility at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Belgium. Most recently, Tom served as the Medical Director for the Medical Group at Hardin Memorial Health in Elizabethtown, KY where he still resides. With an emphasis on servant leadership, Tom’s core conviction is that effective leadership is never about him but is focused in creating a culture where the ones he leads can thrive and succeed. Tom is married to his wife Cheri of 26 years and has 3 children, Brandon, Mackenzie and Ella.

Steve Sartori, MD
Director of the Center for Well Being at CMDA


Title of Presentation: The Pursuit of Wellbeing – What About Coaching?

Coaching – Coaching for the inside and outside of you and finding a system that brings wellness & well-being to your life and practice so you can lead with a coach approach.

BIO: Dr. Steve Sartori is a certified physician coach, who helps doctors and other healthcare professionals optimize well-being and maximize influence. A graduate of The Medical College of Wisconsin, he was the founder of a primary care practice in rural Kentucky, and served as chief of staff at two hospitals, faculty member for a family medicine residency program, chief medical officer for a faith-based community health center, and Director of the Center for Well-Being at The Christian Medical & Dental Associations. He is married, with two adult children, and enjoys traveling and sports. An avid fan of the Green Bay Packers, he can sometimes be seen wearing a cheesehead.

Tiffany Spanier, MD
Founder of TLS Consulting

Title of Presentation: Empowering Physicians Mindfully

Mindfulness – Mindfulness to determine barriers to well-being, improve communication and teamwork, and decrease physician burnout. Session to be recorded.

BIO: Dr. Spanier obtained her medical degree at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and completed residency training in Pediatrics both at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, and then Children’s Hospital in Seattle. She is currently an owner and partner in a large (100+) group of pediatricians serving a metropolitan area near Seattle, where she has been named “Best Pediatrician” on multiple occasions. Her passions beyond clinical care include physician wellness and fulfillment. She has championed these concepts in her practice, and has served as Chairman of the Wellness Subcommittee. During her tenure as Chairperson, she developed processes in association with the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) that sought to determine barriers to well-being, improve communication and teamwork, and decrease physician burnout. Dr. Spanier has completed extensive training in mindfulness and self-compassion. As a certified mindfulness instructor, she has taught numerous workshops to healthcare professionals. She also has advanced training in leading Self Compassion for Healthcare Communities (SCHC) from the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. Additionally, as a Master Certified Physician Development Coach, Dr. Spanier serves physicians and healthcare professionals in their journey to maximize their professional and personal potential through 1-on-1 and group coaching.