Medical Missions Initiatives

The Greater Louisville Medical Society Foundation Medical Missions’ goal is to “improve health care in needed or disadvantaged local, regional and international areas.” By partnering with mission-minded individuals, organizations and corporations, we can shine the light of medical care into the dark corners of the world. The logo represents our hope to shine the light (candle) of medical care (single coiled snake) to the underserved by raising awareness of needs and opportunities, and develop resources through medical missions. 


Each of our local charitable partner organizations have answered the call to deliver much needed food, clothing, healthcare, housing or other life necessities. In recognition of their tireless efforts, we are delighted to share with you exciting advances. We invite you to consider volunteering a few hours each month. If you would like to be a part of the Foundation’s Medical Missions Committee, or want to connect with one of our partners, please call 502-589-2001 or email It is our sincere hope that your efforts will be blessed as you care for the homeless and disadvantaged of our communities.